Private Browsing

Private Browsing – Turning it off in different browsers

Content Raven does not support Private Browsing. It needs to be turned off in order to access and view content.


Google Chrome:


Click on the icon as mentioned in the screenshot below. Click on Settings:


The Settings will open the screen below. Click on Content Settings under Privacy:

In the screen below, make sure that “Allow local data to set (recommended)” is the only option selected. Click done and launch the content again



Go the menu – Safari and make sure Private Browsing is unchecked as mentioned below:


From the firefox menu, select preferences as shown below:

Select Privacy in the preferences screen and it will display the screen below:

Under History, select “Use Custom Settings for history” and make sure that “Always use private browsing mode” is unchecked.

Internet Explorer:

This is specific to IE8. In the right of the browser, locate the Safety option as mentioned below:

Select InPrivate Filtering Settings. This will open the screen below. Make sure that the radio button is Off and then click OK.


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