Content Launching Issue in Mozilla Firefox

MOZILLA ISSUE: Newer version of Mozilla will block the http url’s in https enabled site.To avoid this during viewing, we need to goto the address bar and click on the icon before the URL and then click the disable protection on this page. Then the page will reloads again and Again click the content link, it will launch the content successfully.

Content Launch:

To avoid this permanently in Firefox 23+

Please follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Open Firefox web browser and type about:config in address bar.

2. The following screen will appear.

In the above screen click the button I’ll be careful, I promise!.
4. The following data screen will appear.

In the above data screen type security.mixed_content.block_active_content in search bar and press enter key.
The following data screen will appear.

Right click over the filtered value and a menu will appear.

Select Toggle in that menu.
9. The values will changed as shown in the below screen.

After finishing the above mentioned steps close your browser and re-start it.
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