Changes to Chrome Web Browser and its Impact - December 9, 2014

Google Chrome Web Browser will block all NPAPI Plugins in January 2015.


This change has already taken affect on Macs.

Chrome released an update on November 25, 2014. In that release, support for Silverlight on mac was dropped.

Silverlight enables Content Raven to count the devices user's access material on.
Netflix, NowTV and Amazon video service also use Silverlight for this purpose.

  • Current end user options on mac are to access Content Raven web application by using either Safari or Firefox browsers.
  • Content Raven is researching device activation options for our application in light of this development.

In Chrome's planned update release for January 21, 2015 these changes will take effect on Windows version of Chrome Browser.

This is an impactful development on the web and Content Raven is working to provide the best possible long term solution to this change for our Clients content security while also striving to maintain ease of use for our clients end users.

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