Content Raven v6.2.6 RELEASE NOTES, March 28, 2015

1 Launch Content Directly from s3  
2 Download multiple Contents applicable to only company folder
3 Offline Content viewing Only for office documents in web
4 Support different video types 3GP, AVI, DivX, FLV, MPEG-2, MP4, MXF, OGG, VOB, and WebM
5 Switch to turn on/off OFS display - make it functional org. specific. Only orgadmin and root admin can able to use OFS
6 Setting Permission  
7 Notify me - Only First View  
8 In Contacts Page in CR UI, Add additional column to show contacts Role in Content Raven.  
9 Create new SOAP API called publishcontentusingpermissionid ,  CreateSubFolder and deletefolder  
10 When Creating New Contact IN CR UI, have Read Only Role visible in UI   
11 Settings  for folder permissions  New Role Called Folder Admin
12 New Content Raven Application Role - Order Admin  
13 Add Content ID to Content Access Report  
14 Smooth loading of viewer In inbox page during content click here link for limited device activation mail
15 Offline access in mobile - make it available even if device activation is turned off   
16 Offline Catalog Enable Status Indicator Browser Specific. Applicable to only office documents
17 Dashboard - Phase 1 org. specific. 
18 Send email to Sales when new org is created Send email to Sales when new org is created by system admin


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