Navigating in the Content Raven Video Viewer April 21, 2016

End-user view of Video content is shown below:

The three icons at the bottom right-hand side of screen (highlighted in screen shot below) are:

  • Notes
  • View
  • Download (This icon will be available only if the video content had been shared with "Download" permission)

 1. Icon - Notes

 The "Notes" icon is highlighted in red in screen shot below:

 Clicking on the "Notes" icon will bring up a pop-up window for user to take notes about the video, as shown in screen shot below:

The user can click the “Submit” button on completion of notes. The notes will be saved by the system. The user can exit out of the “Notes” pop-up window by clicking on the “X” at the top right-hand corner of the pop-up window.

The above note had special characters that are not allowed. Submitting the “notes” and exiting the pop-up window resulted in the following error message:

Once the special characters were removed the note was successfully saved.

2. Icon - View

Any saved note can be viewed by clicking the “View” icon shown below:

The saved note can be seen below (Highlighted in red):

3. Icon - Print

The user can print the notes by using the “Print” icon in the “View” drop-down as shown below:

4 Icon - Close

The user can exit out of the “View” drop-down by clicking on the “X” shown below:

 5 Icon - Download

If Company Admin had provided "Download" rights to the end-user, the "Download" icon will be available at the bottom right hand corner. User can download the video content using this icon.

6. Icon - Back

The green back arrow shown below allows the user to go back to the content catalog:





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