Set Access functionality for End-user/Recipient May 3, 2016

The first time an end-user is provided access to content through the Content Raven portal he will receive an email notification from the organization informing the end-user that access has been provided to the content indicated in the email notification.

The end-user logins and will be provided a link in the email notification that will allow him to create a new password in order to create an account to access content through the Content Raven portal.

As Company Admin, selected the end-user to “Set Access” to content.


Provided access to the following selected folders as shown below:

Clicking "Save" results in the following display:

Clicking "Ok"' will result in the following display:

Logged in as end-user

As first-time end-user was prompted to create password:

Logged in as

The content catalog displayed the two folders that Company Admin had provided access.

As Company Admin, selected the end-user and provided access to an additional folder as shown below:

Logged in as end-user

The additional folder was also available as shown below:


The system behaves in a similar manner when content is removed for access by Company Admin. The end-user will no longer have access to the removed content.

As Company Admin removed access to the end-user to two of the folders.

Logged in as end-user

There was only one folder available to access.

The end-user will not receive any email notification if content which was previously accessible is no longer accessible due to Company Admin removing access.






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