How to become a New user and access your content in Content Raven-  April 22,2016


  1. Go into your email and select the email subject “New content has been shared with you.”
    Your email will display as below:

  2. Select the file name.

  3. Upon selecting the file name, as a first time user, you will be brought to the “Set New Password” page in a new window. See below.

    Type in your new password in the fields provided then hit “reset”

  4. You will now be brought to your Content Raven inbox, where all files that have been shared to you will display. See below.

  5. You can select your files to view in 1 of 2 ways

    Either by, selecting the Name of the Content/file:

    Or by selecting the Box next to Content/File name

    And then selecting "View" in the black task bar.

  6. For full instructions on how to navigate through the Content Raven Document Viewer or Content Raven Video Viewer, please see:

    Navigating in the Content Raven Document Viewer
    Navigating in the Content Raven Video Viewer
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