Navigating through User Preferences in Content Raven UI - April 22, 2016

User Preferences: This is located next to your Name in the left navigation box. Click the down arrow to view your preferences.


My Profile – Here is where you can change user information (First Name, Last Name, Company, Country) and password. The only field that remains static or unchanged is your email because this is your unique identifier for logging into Content Raven.



If you made changes to any of the fields without saving yet and wanted to go back to the original settings, hit “Reset” located next to the save button. Otherwise, when you have made changes, hit "Save".

Submit a Ticket – Here is where you can submit a support ticket.  All fields required are marked with a red asterisk symbol. Providing as much detail as possible when submitting these tickets will help expedite the process.


Knowledgebase – Here is where you find the "How To's" of the Content Raven portal.



Need Help? – Here is where Content Raven provides you with a miniature virtual tour of the web portal.



Logout – Here is where you would logout of your Content Raven inbox. It will lead you back to the login page.



Files: This is where the list of organizations you belong to will display. It is located on the left navigation box below your user preferences. If you belong to multiple organizations, click the organization name to get access to your content.


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