Set Access functionality for Company Admins May 2, 2016

Login to Content Raven portal. Company Admins can do a “Set Access” to a root folder. “Set Access” functionality is not available for individual content. Created two contacts and and added them to the newly created group setaccessgroup.

Admin can provide access to both an individual user and to a group.

Set Access to an Individual user:

Select the individual user you want to provide “Set Access”. As soon as you select an individual contact in the Content Raven platform, “Set Access” is one of the available functions that are available (Highlighted in Red).

Clicking the “Set Access” icon brings up the “Set Access” window shown below. 

Company Admin can provide access to a read-only end-user with desired access rights by selecting the Permission Set to apply, and the folder that needs to be provided access.

Clicking the blue “Save” button will result in the following display:

Clicking “Ok” will result in the following display:

Now, the Company Admin has provided access to the end-user to the root folder “API” and all the contents in it. The end-user will have access to all content including content in any sub-folders that may exist in this root folder.

End-User Notification:

The end-user will receive an email notification the very first time content is shared with him through Content Raven portal. Even if the “Permission Set” used to provide access did not include “Send Email” option, the first-time user will always receive an email notification from the Content Raven application. This is because the end-user needs to create a password and an account for accessing content.

Subsequently if the end-user is provided access to additional content, if the “Send Email” notification had not been selected in the “Permission Set”, he will not receive any email notifications from the Content Raven application.

Example of an email notification is shown below.

The first time end-user will be prompted to create a password as shown below:

Set Access to a Group:

Select the group “setaccessgroup” and click “Set Access” link for that group.

Click the blue “Save” button to save the access selection.

Clicking the “Ok” button above will display the following message that the “Set Access” information has been applied.

The group members of the user group “setaccessgroup” namely and will now have access to the folder “Articulate Update Test”.

Editing Set Access at Individual Contact Level:

Selecting the group and clicking on “Edit Access” brings up the screen shown below:

Clicking on “Edit Access” for the end-user will bring up the window shown below, which lists the folders that the user has currently has access to, as well as the Permission Set applied to the access.

Company Admin has the option to either add additional folders or remove existing folder access to the selected end-user. Either way, once the new selections are made, they need to be saved by clicking on the blue “Save” button.

If a folder was removed from access, end-user will not have access to it anymore. The end-user will not receive any email notification informing the access removal.

If additional folders were added, then the end-user will automatically see the additional content when he logs into the portal. The system sends out an email notification automatically when additional content is provided access to end-user.

Editing Set Access at Group Level:

To perform an “Edit Access” for a group, Company Admin would need to edit the access rights of each and every member of that group individually.





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