Scheduled Shares

            With this feature, you can schedule a date when you want content to be shared with users. You can schedule a share via the Share feature or the Set Access feature, or you can continue to share content immediately by simply not choosing a date to share. Schedules Shares can be viewed, edited, and deleted after they are created. Content will be shared to users on the date specified at midnight GMT. 


Using Scheduled Share:

            When you add content to a share and click Share at the top right, a new field appears in the Share window, “Select Date to Share”. You have the option to click on the box and open a calendar view, allowing you to choose the date when you want the users to have access to the specified content. Alternatively, you can just leave this field blank and the share will occur immediately. All other aspects of the Share feature work the same as before.



Using Scheduled Set Access:

            Shares can also be scheduled using the Set Access feature. When you select a contact or group and click Set Access, the window that appears now has the option to slect a date. Just like with the other method, you can select the date you want the content available from the calendar and then specify the permission and folder as usual to complete the set access. If no date is selected, the Set Access will occur immediately.



Editing Scheduled Shares:

            There is a new Scheduled Shares button in the toolbar at the top of the page. This brings you to the Scheduled Shares page, where you can view and edit the shares you have scheduled.


            You have the option to edit the content being shared or the contacts it is being shared with. Clicking either of these buttons will show you either the list of content or the list of contacts. From there, you can select items in the list and delete them. You also have the option to delete the share in its entirety by simply clicking Delete on the Scheduled Shares page. In a future update, you will be able to add new contacts and content to an existing Scheduled Share.


Editing Scheduled Set Access:

            On the Scheduled Shares page (Accessed through the Scheduled Shares button in the toolbar), there is a link for Scheduled Set Access. This brings you to a similar page, but displaying the future scheduled Set Access shares. Here, you can see the dates they are scheduled for and edit or delete them.


            Clicking Edit Content brings up a list of all of the folders in the Org. From here, any folder that is checked off will be shared. You can uncheck or check any folders you would like and then click Update to save the changes.


            Editing the contacts receiving access to the content works differently. Click Edit User to bring up the list of content with whom the content will be shared. In order to remove contacts from a set access, you have to select the contact by checking the box next to it then click Update. Any contacts that are checked off when you clicked update will be deleted from the Set Access. This method will be changed and the ability to add content to an existing share will be added in a future update.


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