Giving Users Offline Access

           If Offline Player is enabled for your Content Raven organization, you have the ability to give users offline access to content. For an end user to access content offline, they will have to download the Offline Player application. They can then use this application to securely download and view the specific content that has been approved for their offline access.

           To allow users offline access to content, you must specify this in the permission set used to share the content. To do this, check off the box that says Desktop Offline Player. Only content that has been shared to the user with this box checked will show up in their offline player to be downloaded.

           You have the option to set an amount of days the user can access offline. The user has this much time after they download the content to access it offline. After that, it will expire and the user will have to connect to the internet to download it again. They will only be able to download it if they still have access to it.

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