Using Content Raven Offline Player

Setting up Content Raven Account

  1. If content was shared with you, you should have gotten an email from Content Raven. There is a link in that email to set up your account by creating a password. This must be done before content can be viewed.

  1. Enter a password and repeat it in the next box to confirm. Clicking Submit will finalize your account and take you to the Content Raven website where the content can be viewed.


  1. In order to view content offline, follow the directions below to install the Offline Player.




Installing Offline Player

  1. Check off a piece of content and then click the Offline button that appears. This button will only be active if you have permission to view the content offline.


  1. You will be brought to the installer page. Here you must click the link to download the installer. Your browser’s pop-up blocker may stop the download from happening. If this happens you will have to temporarily disable the pop-up blocker.


  1. Once the installer is downloaded, you need to run it and click Install to finish the process.


  1. When the installer is finished, there should be a shortcut on your desktop and the application should open automatically.


Downloading Content with Offline Player

  1. When you open the application, you will have to enter your username and password. Your username is your email address and your password is the one that you created.


  1. All of the content which you have permission to view offline will appear. Click on a folder to see all of the content inside.


  1. To navigate back out of a folder, use the link for Home above the content.


  1. To download a single piece of content, click the download button next to the piece of content.


  1. To download multiple pieces of content, check the boxes next to the content you wish to download and then click Download All at the top of the screen.


  1. To download all of the content within a folder, click the checkbox at the top to check off all of the content, and then click Download All.


  1. The content will display that it is downloading and there will be a Cancel button. Pressing Cancel will stop the download, but you will still be able to download it later.


  1. Once content is done downloading, a View button will appear. Clicking View will open the content in your default web browser. When you are disconnected from the internet, you will still be able to view any of the content you previously downloaded.


  1. You will lose access to your downloaded content after the date that appears in the “Expires On” column. At that point, you will have to download the content again.



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