Managing SCORM content in Content Raven - Sep 2, 2016

Content Raven supports SCORM content. Admins (who have the right) can upload SCORM content to their Content Raven organization.

“SCORM” content type needs to be enabled for your organization in order to be able to upload SCORM content into your Content Raven instance. Please contact us and we can enable the SCORM content type for your organization.

Login to your Content Raven organization. Select the folder in which the SCORM content needs to be uploaded.

The SCORM package contents need to be in the root of the zip file, for the SCORM content to be loaded correctly.

The screenshot below shows the contents of the zip file:



Click “Choose Files”. Select the “zip” file that contains the SCORM content.

Once the file has been selected, click the blue “Upload” button. When the file has been 100% uploaded, it will display in the middle panel as shown above.

Right-clicking on the file name in the middle panel brings up the right hand side panel as shown above, with the “Content Name” filled in. The “Content Name” can be edited if desired.

The next field is “Content Upload Type”. The drop-down displays the available choices for the content type. Admin needs to select “SCORM” for content type.

The next field “Base Page” is a required field. The name of the base page needs to be entered in this field. The Base Page is the SCORM content launch file.

The next field is the “Version” field– (i) 12 (ii) 2004.

The first choice needs to be selected for SCORM 1.2 version content and the second choice for SCORM 2004 content.

Selected the “Version” 12 for SCORM 1.2

Once the data fields are populated, scroll upwards and click the blue “Update” button to upload the SCORM content.

Click “Save and Close” to complete the upload process.

SCORM content needs some time to be available for viewing. Hence wait for a short period of time and check if the file uploaded properly by viewing the content. The SCORM content distribution can be done in exactly the same manner as all other content types.

SCORM Report:

There is a new SCORM report available for organizations who have “SCORM” content type enabled for their organization. This report is available along with other existing reports in the "Reports" page on the Content Raven portal. The new report is shown highlighted in red in screenshot below:


Clicking on the blue “Generate Report” button beneath the “SCORM Report” brings up the following screen:

This report has 4 filters:

  • Content: This filter allows you to select the SCORM content for which you want to generate the report. The above screen shows this selection.
  • By Email:This filter will list the email addresses of all the individuals who accessed SCORM content in your organization
  • By Date: This filter allows you to select the time period for which you want the SCORM report. You can achieve this by selecting the “Start Date” and the “End Date” for the report
  • Company: This filter lists the names of all the companies to which your contacts (The persons who accessed SCORM content) belong.

A sample SCORM report generated for a specific content is shown below:

If the content creator enabled capture of test scores, then these scores such as score achieved by the student, max score, and min score will be reported. If the student did not answer any questions the score fields will not be populated.

The “Course Status’ field displays “Incomplete” as the student did not get a passing score.



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